Virtual Finance and CFO


As a business grows the requirements to assess financial performance becomes more crucial. Having the ability to budget, review profits, measure cost trends, analyse variances and implement robust systems is what will help transform your business to meet its growth targets.

There are a variety of financial processes a business will need to suit their growth strategy. Some businesses may need all of them and others may start simple and integrate more as their plan evolves. We believe the important thing is that you plan what suits your requirements as implementing the wrong step at the wrong time can be less efficient, report the wrong information and cost more in re-work and resources to fix incorrect or inaccurate data.

Our structure at Wilkinson Accounting Solutions is not to jump straight in offering day rates. It is often unclear when we engage with a business how much work is required, this is due to the complexity of finance and the different strategies you can implement, therefore to remove the risk of ‘unknown’ costs and to provide the best value we offer a staged approach depending on your circumstances. Key areas we support in are:

Business Advisory

Wilkinson Accounting Solutions has a variety of consultancy and Business Advisory packages to support growing SME’s. Our focus is in three specific areas:

Growth by Acquisition – If you are looking to grow by acquisition, we can help make sure you do not pick a bad deal. We work alongside buyers as Acquisition CFO’s to ensure you pay the right value, ensure the business is in a healthy condition and you have the right set up for success post acquisition.

Exit Planning – Do you have a dream of early retirement, or want to scale quick to get rich on exit? Our qualified and professional team can help your business to scale so you are ready to maximise the value when the time is right to sell.

Virtual CFO – Are you building by organic growth? If your scaling a business it is likely somewhere along the line you will need some form of investment, but are you able to quantify that investment? Often businesses get to a point where they stagnate because the owner becomes too busy and the day to day management gets in the way of strategy planning. Good news there is always help! We have a team of skilled professionals who can support growing businesses with the right service at the right time for their business including:

  • Strategy planning
  • Cashflow and financial forecasting
  • Commercial analysis and KPI’s
  • Governance and control – helping you set the right systems and processes for your teams to follow
  • Mentoring and coaching of in-house finance staff
  • Tax and statutory reporting
  • Monthly end and shareholder packs to suffice the needs of investors
  • Pitch decks for funding opportunities
  • Bookkeeping support so you can trust the information direct from the system

As every business is unique our packages are fully bespoke, therefore contact us today to see how our discovery sessions can help you grow.

Purchase Ledger

Do you feel basic bookkeeping is not enough for your business anymore?

Do you struggle to get valid VAT receipts from suppliers, or lose money by not reclaiming the VAT?

Are you frequently paying suppliers twice, or off statements due to time constraints?

Our virtual purchase ledger department goes one step further than bookkeeping, we provide a full outsourced function with access to a dedicated accounts payable email address, which will be provided to suppliers and managed directly by us.

Our service is perfect for businesses who are growing and want to remove the stress of managing any of their bookkeeping and payment processes including:

• Access to a dedicated accounts payable email
• Support with notifying suppliers for the change of correspondence
• Dedicated account management of the inbox including processing supplier invoices, supplier statements, and queries.
• Obtains copies and VAT invoices on your behalf
• Generate payment runs to support with paying suppliers to contracts
• Credit checks on suppliers if paying upfront
• Full bank reconciliations
• Support with designing a business structure that ensures invoices are signed off at the right level before payment
• Supplier management reducing the risk of final demands and late payment fees

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