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Wilkinson Accounting Solutions provide a bespoke service to all customers. Julie has firsthand experience in knowing how tough growing and leading businesses can be —this is what drove her to build a team of staff that have the experience and skills to help our customers build sustainable growth.

Wilkinson Accounting Solutions have a range of fully qualified finance staff that are commercially focused and help business owners really know what they need to do to grow to the next level. We understand that it’s not just the churning out numbers that is important but really understanding how those numbers tell a story to make the right decisions, at the right time.

“This is one of the reasons customers choose to work with us,” states Julie, “I have learnt the hard way that organic business growth is tough and if you have the right team behind you acquisition growth can be a lot more rewarding, however I also understand how important diversification is within business, I have the experience of building teams so that businesses grow profitably, and I am so passionate and excited that my team at Wilkinson Accounting Solutions have the life experience and knowledge to help our customers grow in a way that works for them.”