Scaling Through Acquisition: Mindset Shift From ‘Doer’ To ‘Investor’

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04:53 – ????  “I believe everybody should have an exit plan. And I think people should be thinking of their exit plan from the moment they start their business.” – Julie Wilkinson

27:26 – ????  “I don’t think the end goal should change. You know, if you know in your heart, I want to deliver this type of service, don’t fluctuate from that overall goal.” – Julie Wilkinson

30:28 – ????  “I think, why do people want to put that on their shoulders? You know, if they just think about these things early doors, have a bit of a plan, it will just become easier for you later down the line.” – Julie Wilkinson

36:21- ????  “Systemising it doesn’t itself, I don’t think, make the success. What makes the success is the process around that system.” – Julie Wilkinson

36:49 – ????  “If you’re not truly understanding your accounts, you’re not really in a good position to move forward because you don’t know exactly if everything’s reconciled and fully up to date.” – Julie Wilkinson



00:00 Experienced accountant starts company to help SMEs.

03:33 Starting a business organically vs. through acquisition.

08:48 Get funding, utilise cash flow, and manage stress.

10:22 People are used to bigger debts than they thought.

15:50 Early implementation of processes prevents growing problems.

16:37 Plan scalable processes and systems before rapid growth.

20:56 Control processes are essential for financial oversight.

25:52 Flexibility is essential. Set goals and maintain vision.

27:13 Focus on goals and track key performance indicators.

30:13 Plan early, reduce stress and bring in support.

34:12 Transitioning from job to business for time.

36:01 Incorrect bookkeeping leads to financial risk.