Here's Why Businesses Should Opt For Outsourced Accounting

As a business owner, you already have your hands full by overseeing the marketing, sales and operations of your company — and then you have the handling of your financial records on top of it all. Crunched for time and money, it takes an accountant’s expertise to be able to trust someone with your business accounts. 

Most business owners have turned to outsource their accounting tasks instead and see this decision be rewarded tenfold. If you’re a business owner who’s finding it a challenge to maintain their financial responsibilities, outsourced accounting may be your solution — and here’s why. 

The benefits of outsourced accounting

There is a plethora of reasons why you should consider outsourcing an accountant. They come with great benefits that could be essential to your business’s growth and success. Here are only some of the key reasons why outsourced accounting would be advantageous for you and your business. 

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Saving time and money during outsourced accounting

You can save money by outsourcing an accountant as it is much cheaper than hiring an in-house role. In fact, it is a fraction of the costs for a traditional CFO. Outsourced accounting services are especially useful for start-ups and SMEs that may not have the income to hire an in-house professional initially but need that insight for growth that’s essential in a business’s early stages. 

As well as saving money, you’d also be saving a lot of time. Account management in itself is a time-consuming process — but then you also need to consider the recruitment process of hiring a traditional in-house position, which is very arduous. By outsourcing an accountant, you also don’t have to worry about staff annual leave or turnover. The latter especially can cost you greatly as a young business. 

Makes way for scaling (outsourced accounting)

For many business owners, they are often focused on the sales and operation of their company. This can take its toll and leaves little time to plan for other things. By outsourcing to an accountant, it means you invest less time and stress into your business’s financial management. Instead, you can now focus on growing and expanding your business. 

Additionally, a professional accountant will have the skill and knowledge to adapt your accounting systems to the scale of your business, no matter the size. Outsourced accounting brings you the relief of stability — this way you can have a future-focused mindset without being too concerned about the present. 

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Expert services (outsourced accounting)

Outsourcing accountants from a business accounting firm means that you are getting some of the best support you’ll find as a business owner. Business accounting firms hire only highly trained accountants and finance professionals. Additionally, they are flexible and can provide services according to your needs — so whether you need a bookkeeper, accountant, account manager or financial consultant, you’ll be able to find that here. 

You are now open to a wealth of industry knowledge that wasn’t historically accessible before by new businesses. With the experience and knowledge that they have, an outsourced accountant will be more than capable of guiding your business towards success. Additionally, it keeps the market competitive. Your outsourced accountant can also play an important role as your advisor. They will provide you with sharp and intuitive expertise that can propel your business.

Future-proof with technology (outsourced accounting)

Historically, it would be hard to compete in the market as a new business and growth would be slow — if not difficult. Outsourced accounting now means you have important insight to jump over hurdles and early struggles. Additionally, outsourcing a finance professional provides you with vital expertise but modern firms will also future-proof your business by introducing you to new accounting technology

For example, you may be offered virtual CFO services. This is when an accounting expert, with the qualifications and experience of a traditional CFO, can offer you accounting services remotely and on a flexible basis. So not only are you getting some of the best support for your business, but you can also work according to your availability. With a virtual CFO, you have executive-level accounting advice just a phone call away. 

A modern accountant would also introduce you to cutting-edge accounting technology, such as automation or cloud software. Previously a toilsome and physical procedure, technology has now streamlined the process which has resulted in more reliable and accurate documentation of your financial records.

Outsourced accounting for your business

Outsourcing a business accountant could help your company in leaps and bounds. Wilkinson Accounting Solutions is a business accounting firm that has years of experience in helping business clients and setting up their companies for success. We have a team of highly-trained accountants who are on board to help you with your business needs — whether this is bookkeeping, strategising, account management and more. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can benefit your business. 

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