How To Understand Accounting Lingo

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ARE YOU an entrepreneur, investor OR business owner who wants a deeper understanding of financial statements?


Then you need to attend this session, hosted and created by Julie Wilkinson, a chartered management accountant by trade who founded Wilkinson Accounting Solutions in 2020. They are a leading accounting and consultancy firm specializing in helping clients acquire or exit businesses, by implementing a robust infrastructure that transforms their business from a lifestyle to an asset.

Julie and her team see over 100 balance sheets a month and realize that business owners who are not financially literate struggle to interpret key financial data; resulting in signing off accounts they don’t fully understand (as they do not know how to challenge their accountant) OR business buyers (investors) mis interpreting sellers accounts, which leads to misleading conversations, causing issues including businesses being overvalued.

This 90 min session will provide a deep dive into financial statements, to help buyers or entrepreneurs gain a better understanding of their accounts, so they have more ability to make real time and accurate decisions, that helps prepare for a successful acquisition or exit.

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16 November 2023 - Online