Why A Business Accountant Is Still Better Than Using Accounting Software

While software solutions offer convenience and efficiency, the question remains: is accounting software a complete substitute for the expertise of a business accountant? 

This blog will explore why, even in the era of advanced technology, hiring a business accountant continues to be a wise choice for companies aiming not only for financial accuracy but also for strategic business account management. 

We will delve into the unique advantages that business accountants bring to the table and why their professional guidance often proves invaluable for the financial health and success of a business.

The disadvantages of using accounting software for your business.

The problem with accounting software

One big problem with business accounting software is that it doesn’t have the knowledge and experience of a real person — no matter how sophisticated the technology is. It will struggle to handle complicated financial situations or adjust to your specific business needs, especially without technological expertise. This can lead to mistakes, especially with complex tax rules.

Additionally, software can’t give you smart and intuitive financial advice. Business accountants can analyse your finances, spot trends, and suggest ways to improve profit, cut costs, or manage debt better. Software is limited to doing calculations and can’t offer personalised solutions or adapt to changes in your business. 

Relying too much on accounting software might make you miss important financial details. You might believe everything is in order because the software is handling tasks, but it’s crucial to double-check and ensure accuracy. 

In short, while accounting software is handy for many tasks, it’s not a substitute for a knowledgeable business accountant who can bring expertise, insights, and strategic thinking to your financial matters.

Business owner searching for a business accountant.

Why you should hire a business accountant

Hiring a business accountant offers numerous advantages over relying solely on accounting software. An experienced accountant near you will provide you with personalised financial guidance tailored to your specific business needs. They bring expertise in tax planning, financial analysis, and strategic decision-making. 

Accountants not only help you maintain accurate financial records but also interpret the data, offering insights to improve profitability and efficiency. They ensure compliance with tax regulations, potentially saving you money through deductions and credits. Moreover, business accountants offer peace of mind by reducing the risk of errors or financial mismanagement that guidance alone may not catch.  

Overall, a business accountant’s professional guidance can help your business thrive financially while allowing you to focus on core operations. 

business accountant near you

The services of a business accountant

Business accountants provide a wide range of essential services to support a company’s financial health and growth.


Accurate bookkeeping is the foundation of sound financial management. Business accountants manage a company’s financial records, tracking income, expenses, and transactions. They maintain organised and up-to-date books, which is crucial for assessing a business’s financial health and making informed decisions. 

Accountants reconcile bank statements, record financial data, and generate financial reports like income statements and balance sheets. Their meticulous bookkeeping services provide businesses with a clear picture of their financial status, making it easier to identify opportunities for cost reduction and revenue growth. Additionally, well-maintained financial records are essential for tax compliance and audits.

Tax services

Business accountants help companies navigate the intricate world of taxation. They ensure that businesses adhere to tax laws and regulations, minimising tax liabilities while avoiding costly penalties. 

Accountants offer expertise in areas like tax planning, helping businesses make informed decisions about deductions, credits, and tax incentives. They assist with tax return preparation, ensuring accurate and timely submissions to tax authorities. 

Accountants also represent businesses in dealings with tax agencies, resolving issues, and ensuring compliance during audits. Their tax services help companies optimise their financial strategies while staying within the bounds of law.

Due diligence

Business accountants provide invaluable due diligence services, which are essential for businesses involved in transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, or investments. Due diligence involves a comprehensive examination of a company’s financial records, operations, and overall health to assess its value and potential risks.

Accountants meticulously review financial statements, tax records, contracts, and other relevant documents to identify any discrepancies, potential liabilities, or red flags. They conduct thorough financial analyses to gauge the target company’s financial stability and growth prospects. 

Business acquisition

Business accountants offer valuable business acquisition consultancy services to guide entrepreneurs and investors through the complex process of acquiring a business. These services encompass a range of strategic and financial analyses to ensure a successful acquisition. Accountants begin by helping clients identify suitable business acquisition targets based on their goals, industry preferences, and financial capabilities. 

Beyond the financial aspects, business accountants provide valuable advice on deal structuring, tax implications, and financing options. They help clients secure funding, whether through loans, investors, or other means, to facilitate the acquisition. Additionally, they assist in preparing business plans, financial forecasts, and projections to ensure that the acquisitions align with the client’s long-term objectives.

Business exit planning

Business accountants offer valuable business exit planning services designed to assist business owners in navigating the complexities of exiting their companies. 

These services encompass a range of critical steps, from comprehensive business valuations to developing customised business exit strategies. Accountants help owners understand their business’s true value, assess the most tax-efficient ways to exit, and create a clear roadmap for the transition. They provide insights on when to sell, how to optimise the business’s financial performance, and how to structure the deal for the best outcomes. 

With their expertise, business accountants empower owners to make informed decisions about their exit, ensuring they achieve financial security and a smooth transition into the next phase of their lives.

Business owner happy with services of a business accountant.


While accounting software has made managing finances easier, hiring a business accountant still offers many advantages. 

Accountants bring expertise and insights that software can’t match. They help with complex tasks like tax planning and offer valuable advice for your business. By combining software for routine tasks with a business accountant’s knowledge, so you strike a balance that boosts efficiency and ensures sound financial management. So, while software is a useful tool, the expertise of a business accountant remains crucial for your company’s long-term success and financial health. 

Wilkinson Accounting Solutions is here to help. Our experienced business accountants bring a wealth of expertise that goes beyond what accounting software can offer. From tax planning to financial strategy, we’re your partners in success. 

Don’t settle for just software; choose the tailored guidance and insights that come with a professional accountant. Contact us today and let’s elevate your business to new heights.

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